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Historical Archive

The main objective during this project is to register, compile and preserve documents of historical interest, audiovisual and photographic material that serve as a starting point for the creation of a serious and lasting database for the preservation of our history as people and our cultural identity. It is our intention that said Historical Archive be the result of the joint effort between the citizens of Maricao and the Bucarabón Foundation; thus establishing ties, and strengthening the much-needed sense of belonging in our community. For this reason, the collaboration and contribution of our population was called for the compilation of said visual material. This file will become a reference, which will serve as a complement and support material for schools, children, teachers, researchers and postgraduate students. The creation of this first historical archive consisted of several stages and lasted six months in its initial phase. The planning and realization of this project relied on the experience and collaboration of José Fabián Detrés Rodríguez, professional photographer and natural plastic artist from the town of Maricao, who is endorsed by his successful career in the Plastic Arts and his vast experience in projects of a social nature.

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