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Women Empowerment

What is Women's Empowerment?

Empowering women living in rural communities so that they can claim their rights to land, to be leaders in their communities, to have better opportunities and choices.

This also includes the fact that they can participate in the design and creation of laws, programs and policies.

What we want in the Office for the Community of Women Empowerment is for them to develop their capacities and skills through resources that will be provided by the Foundation.

We want to be a link and facilitator of the process that allows the empowerment of women in rural areas of Maricao and neighboring towns.

What we offer?

Three Women

Support in the idea or business development. We understand that the economic activity in the area is precarious, as are employment opportunities.


Less than 20% of landowners are women

Cup of Coffee

Café Bucarabon


Solidarity Shop

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