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Other programs



Our volunteers are recruited through our AmeriCorps partners. Do you want to give us your help and support to be able to recruit our volunteers who help us every day in our work to improve our communities and help our neighbors. 


Research program in tropical agriculture that safeguards the sustainability of food production and conservation of the environment in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, improving the quality of life and conservation of natural resources, through a Center for Distance Education and Aquaponics Production in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico/Humacao, Puerto Rico Model Forest, Agricultural Extension Service, and the Agricultural Experiment Station, with special interest in the economic and social development of disadvantaged sectors of the Puerto Rico Model Forest footprint.

Bukaré Kitchen

The Bukare kitchen benefits farmers and workers by creating employment where there are very few employment opportunities.

Our project benefits workers by creating a shared space where they can improve skill levels through hands-on education. It also improves the ability of workers and producers to add value to their products.

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